Our Program:

At Little Opera at Grace, we make operas with kids. In this year-long after-school program in the heart of San Francisco, students in K-8th grade work with our team of artists to WRITE, COMPOSE, ACT, SING, DESIGN, & PERFORM their very own mini-operas. The process is a holistic approach to arts education, with a focus on teaching students how to collaboratively make everything themselves. Over the course of the year at Grace Cathedral, students will write a story, craft a libretto (words for singing), compose melodies, receive singing and acting coaching, choreograph movement, design their own props and costumes, and rehearse & perform a 15-20 minute show. The final result? A micro opera that is 100% built from their own imaginations. 

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What families are saying:

“From start to finish, this program is top notch.”
— Elena

“What I see as the greatest potential for this program is to help kids expand their view of themselves — to show our kids that they have it in them to do something really big, something they might not think they are capable of doing.”
— Hai Nhu

“If Gertrude had to spend the rest of her life behind bars or on a remote and hostile planet, she would be happy provided there was Little Opera at least twice a week. We would miss her, though.”
— Nathaniel

“If you look through the clouds of Little Opera, you actually see happiness, joy, and friendship.”
— Eleanor, 1st Grade

Why Opera?

It’s Ambitious. 

You can’t make opera until you learn to do everything:
Write.   Compose.   Act.   Sing.   Design.   Rehearse.   Perform.

Solveig Ambitious

It’s Creative. 

Every single one of the thousands of ideas it takes to create an opera:
100% student imagined

Little Opera kids watch from the top - joy

It’s Empowering. 

The #1 change parents report seeing in their children after a season at Little Opera:

Danah's Dance copy

It’s Collaborative. 

After 130 hours of collaborating with his small mixed-aged group to make an opera, one 3rd grader’s biggest takeaway:

“I learned that sometimes my idea isn’t the best idea.”


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Little Opera’s mission is to build a vibrant creative community — through the creation and performance of original opera — that transcends divides and transforms the lives of children, families and artists.