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Starting this September 21, 2020, Little Opera will be pioneering the world of virtual opera in our after school program where K-8 students WRITE, COMPOSE, ACT, SING, DESIGN, & PERFORM their very own 3 act mini-operas. With the help of professional teaching artists and in partnership with Grace Cathedral, students will work from September to May on this ambitious project that challenges their imaginations and dives into the world of recorded and live virtual performance. 

In this critical and important moment in our history as a nation, Little Opera stands committed to the ongoing work of anti-bias and anti-racism. We have taken our time to write this statement mindfully, spending time deeply understanding what anti-racism means to Little Opera as an organization. Click here to view our Anti-Racism Statement.

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What families are saying

“From start to finish, this program is top notch.”
— Elena

“What I see as the greatest potential for this program is to help kids expand their view of themselves — to show our kids that they have it in them to do something really big, something they might not think they are capable of doing.”
— Hai Nhu

“If Gertrude had to spend the rest of her life behind bars or on a remote and hostile planet, she would be happy provided there was Little Opera at least twice a week. We would miss her, though.”
— Nathaniel

“If you look through the clouds of Little Opera, you actually see happiness, joy, and friendship.”
— Eleanor, 1st Grade

Why Opera?

It’s Ambitious. 

You can’t make opera until you learn to do everything:
Write.   Compose.   Act.   Sing.   Design.   Rehearse.   Perform.

Solveig Ambitious

It’s Creative. 

Every single one of the thousands of ideas it takes to create an opera:
100% student imagined

Little Opera kids watch from the top - joy

It’s Empowering. 

The #1 change parents report seeing in their children after a season at Little Opera:

Danah's Dance copy

It’s Collaborative. 

After 130 hours of collaborating with his small mixed-aged group to make an opera, one 3rd grader’s biggest takeaway:

“I learned that sometimes my idea isn’t the best idea.”


Registration for our 2020-2021 Season will begin soon.

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Little Opera’s mission is to build a vibrant creative community — through the creation and performance of original opera — that transcends divides and transforms the lives of children, families and artists.