Student Perspective: Ryan’s Interviews



Ryan blog post drawing

Hi, I’m Ryan, a student at Little Opera. I love it there! It’s fantastic. We compose, create props and sets and anything related to opera. At Little Opera, I feel like myself. I get to share my thoughts without being embarrassed. I call it “A Forest of Melodies & Rhythms.”

p.s. I’m also the class blogger.

Ryan interviewed two of his fellow Tchaikovsky classmates (our middle school group) about their experience at Little Opera. Below are the results of his short interviews.


Ivy blog post drawing

Ivy is a fabulous singer! She is also a wonderful composer. She says she barely knew a thing about composing, but after coming to Little Opera and learning from the staff of Little Opera, she composed amazing songs. She says she went from “nothing to something.” After composing, she feels happy and accomplished.



Ana blog post drawing

Ana calls Little Opera “A rainbow of personality.” She is an awesome person and is very enthusiastic! I asked her to rate Little Opera on a scale from 1-10 and she rated it 8. “Why?” I asked her. “Because it’s awesome like me,” she said. Ana loves it when she’s making costumes.