The Mission

What We Dream

Our mission is to build a vibrant creative community – through the creation and performance of original opera – that transcends differences and transforms the lives of children, families, and artists.

What We Value

Equity: In this critical and important moment in our history as a nation, Little Opera stands committed to the ongoing work of anti-bias and anti-racism. We have taken our time to write this statement mindfully, spending time deeply understanding what anti-racism means to Little Opera as an organization.

We’ve been inspired by the ongoing social justice work of our partner, Grace Cathedral, in connection to the roots of our own mission. This work has made it clear that living during this time means using our voices, our collective power, and our resources to demand racial justice and healing to say, without hesitation, that Black Lives Matter— that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) Lives Matter. We must begin and continue the work of naming and dismantling our individual prejudices as well as our collective complicity in institutional racism and white privilege.

We make these commitments:

    • To name the reality of internalized, institutional, and systemic racism and bias within Little Opera and our wider community and to recognize the culture of white, gender, religious, heterosexual, and socio-economic privilege.
    • To continue to actively learn about anti-bias and anti-racism so that Little Opera can effectively and equitably combat racial oppression and embrace all people through advocacy and listening.
    • To approach our classes and teaching with open minds, listening ears and a vow to combat racism in all forms before and as it arises.
    • To listen to the voices of people of color within our community, the staff and the students of Little Opera, and our world community, and to act on what we hear.
    • To hold ourselves accountable. Little Opera promises not to be perfect, but rather to act with integrity, transparency, compassion, and equity. In situations in which our values are not reflected in our actions, we promise to acknowledge and learn from our mistakes, open up a transparent dialogue with our community, and move forward in ways that better serve our community and mirror who we are.

Diversity: Art is, by it’s very nature, transcendent. At Little Opera, we use music to bring a diverse community of people together within a space that cultivates tolerance, community, and self expression. 

Imagination: Creativity and innovation are critical components for both personal happiness and professional success, which is why we work hard to expand every student’s imagination.

Ambition: Creating opera is the perfect platform for an interdisciplinary, ambitiously comprehensive arts education. We create projects where writing, composing, singing, acting, dancing, and design all work together to tell a single, brand new story.

How We Work

Transparency: We share everything – our processes, strategies, beliefs, and outcomes. If you need information and can’t find it, just ask!

Flexibility: Everything is always changing, and so are we. Adaptability is the name of the game.

Collaboration: Many perspectives are always better than one.

Passion: We do what we do because we see our work making a difference. (And besides that, it’s really, really fun!)

Why Opera?

By it’s very nature, Opera is multidisciplinary; it cannot exist until many people come together around a single vision and put their diverse skill sets toward the creation of something entirely unique. As the space where theatre, music, literature, dance, and design meet, Opera is the ideal platform for a deeply collaborative arts education program where children are given the freedom to explore all facets of the creative process.

At Little Opera, learning isn’t limited to the techniques of great singing. It’s also abut the costume design, the challenges of libretto writing, the theories of directing, the physical discipline of dancing, the motivations behind choreography, the vision of set designing, and the methodologies of composing.

Little Opera allows children the autonomy to explore their full artistic potential, and will play a part in shaping the next generation of empathetic, collaborative, and resourceful young people.