Sing Your Bottom Line

God BowHow many organizations have an opera they’ve written themselves that describes who they are and what they do? Sing Your Bottom Line, Little Opera’s innovative team building program, does just that.

Opera only happens when people come together around a single vision, and put all of their diverse skill sets to use to create something unique. Our award-winning team of writers and composers will help your team write an original piece of music, or full-blown mini-opera, about your organization or its products.

Using the process of opera creation as a platform, you’ll dig deep into the meaning of your organization’s mission, vision, and goals.  At the end of the day you’ll hear your vision statement like you’ve never heard it before – as an opera!

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Record It!

Take your project to the next level and turn your opera into a music video – great as an internal or external marketing piece to create buzz about your organization and what it does best.

Our staff of professional musicians and writers draw their expertise from the world of Opera, the melting pot of all art forms, where dialogue and collaboration abound.