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Creative Chaos

When we are young, we are encouraged (one hopes) to learn a little about everything, to experiment with an array of art forms and disciplines to see if any of those languages resonates particularly strongly with who we are and who we are becoming. All those things we are introduced to as young people are potential pathways for our expression, and we are excited by the seeming limitlessness of perspectives on the world.

When I think of Little Opera, as often I do, I see a group of sensitive, intelligent, funny kids with opinions and talents and a blossoming artistic consciousness. I also see a group of kids that is happily still on the side of the threshold where the process of discovery and questioning (and rebellion, naturally) is the guiding force.

Little Opera students express almost equal excitement for all the activities we plan for them, whether it involves singing or improvising a skit, making costumes on paper or writing a poem about their character. When was the last time you had the opportunity to express yourself in all those ways – and realize how adept you can be at whatever you tried? I love teaching these kids; they remind me how important it is for educators to keep those doors — and their own minds — open to the different ways proficiency can manifest. I am lucky to be a guide for their unbounded curiosity, or what we like to call the creative chaos of figuring stuff out.

Little Opera does not promote a conservatory approach, and I love that. It is the multiplicity of influences and opportunities that the Little Opera curriculum provides that keeps the channel open to all kinds of connection.

-By Eva Langman, Teaching Artist 2014-2015

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