Emma Presents


Q: How can kids write their own Opera? Isn’t it just for old people who like classical music?

A: Opera is for everyone! If you can tell a story and sing a tune as you walk down the street, you can write an opera–at it’s most basic level, opera is telling stories through music, which (it turns out) most children have a natural affinity for.

Q: Who can take classes?

A: Any student between kindergarten and 8th grade.

Q: When and Where are classes held?

A: For full class schedule and location information, go here.

Q: I see classes go from September through May. Can I enroll my kid for just a few weeks here and there?

A: Unfortunately, no. Because our students are working together to create a brand new opera, it’s necessary for them to attend the entire year.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Tuition and scholarship information is located here. We offer sliding scale tuition to all families based on need. For more information, contact Jenny Hanson.

Q: What are the Master Classes about?

A: Opera encompasses so many aspects of the arts (music, theater, design, dance, stage combat, puppetry) that it is impossible for us to be experts in all of them. Instead of pretending to know more than we do, we bring in professional artists from other disciplines to lead master classes throughout the year.

Q: Do the Master Classes cost extra?

A: No! They are part of the Little Opera program, and are included in the tuition for the year.

Q: How big are the classes?

A: We limit our classes to 15 students, and there are always at least two teachers in the room.