Goal: Strengthen and continue to build the diverse, creative community of our:
  • Students & Families
    – Grow racial and economic diversity company wide in order to achieve a multiplicity of cultural backgrounds and perspectives.
    – Expand current enrollment to 50 students.
    – Increase opportunities for teaching artists and parents to get to know one another.
    – Host more events that encourage a sense of community among students, parents, and teachers.
    – Extend the number of students served through short-term workshops in preparation for opening a second site.
  • Teaching Team
    – Hire core team as part-time employees in order to increase job security and benefits.
    – Hire a part-time program manager to increase administrative capacity.
    – Add a visual artist to the core team.
    – Increase pay rates across the board.
    – Offer paid sick leave & benefits (such as financial advising, 401k, health insurance, use of office space for private teaching, 1-month paid sabbatical after 3-4 years, profit sharing, and/or other allowances such as continuing education for lessons/workshops, CSA boxes, gym membership, commuter checks).
  • Donors
    – Create more chances for donors to interact with the program and see the process in action
Goal: Build financial health and increase resource development
  • Enlarge the number of individual gifts and total dollars raised.
  • Increase the diversity of earned income.
  • Explore – and potentially expand – funding from foundations and corporate giving.
  • Strengthen our relationships with San Francisco Conservatory of Music and West portal, the organizations that we rely on for space.
  • Work towards securing a permanent home base for Little Opera in San Francisco.
Goal: Build a broader awareness around the company and its mission
  • Increase company visibility on the individual and institutional levels.
  • Expand knowledge of and connections with local government programs such as DCYF.
  • Reach new schools and neighborhoods outside of West Portal.
  • Familiarize ourselves with neighborhood centers that could increase company awareness.
  • Cultivate an extended life for the work students make, and disseminate it more broadly.