Little Opera at Grace
Summer 2020 Opera Box

This summer, you can get a taste of our year-long after-school program at home. By signing up to receive a Little Opera at Grace Box in the mail, students will be given all the tools they need to imagine, create, compose, and share their very own Little Opera project. A limited number of boxes will be created by the Little Opera at Grace team, and sent out to students in late June/early July.

Sign up here to receive information about how to order a box as soon as they become available.

Photo by Kersh Branz, 2017.

Photo by Kersh Branz, 2017.

“From start to finish, this program is top notch. Very few arts education programs give kids such fabulous training, artistic autonomy, and such a wide range of performance opportunities.” — Elena

“Awesome program! Great for kids in all aspects. My son loves Little Opera so much and looking forward to his 2nd year. When I first heard about this program I wondered if they really let the kids do all the things to create the opera. They really did. The kids did everything…It’s an incredible experience. I’m so happy he is a part of this unique program.” — Chantana

“I can’t recommend this program enough. My daughter is about to start her 3rd season with Little Opera. The teachers and artists at Little Opera create such a nurturing and creative environment for these kids … Note that my daughter is not one of those extroverted types who just love to perform. What I see as the greatest potential for this program is to help kids expand their view of themselves — to show our kids that they have it in them to do something really big, something they might not think they are capable of doing. The teachers and artists in this program put so much into this experience for the kids. We are lucky to have this program in SF!” — Hai Nhu

Photo by Kersh Branz, 2017.



Q:  Can kids really write and perform their own Opera? 

A: Absolutely. It won’t look like the operas you see in the grand opera houses (and it won’t sound like it either), but if you can tell a story and sing a tune as you walk down the street, you can write an opera. At its most basic level, opera is telling stories through music, which is what we teach our students to do.


Q: Do you need any special music skills to participate?

A: Nope! All levels of students are welcome.

Q: What will be in each box, and how much will they cost?

A: We’re in the process of working through the details of that right now. We’ll post that information for you here as soon as we have it!