Why Opera?

Opera can’t exist until many people come together around a single vision, and put all of their diverse skill sets toward the creation of something unique. By its very nature, opera is multidisciplinary. As the place where theater, music, dance, and design meet, opera is an ideal platform for a deeply collaborative arts education program, where every child can explore multiple disciplines throughout the year.


At Little Opera, students are not only exposed to the techniques of great singing, but to the creative process of costume design, the challenges of libretto writing, the theories of directing, the physical discipline of dancing, the motivations behind choreography, the vision of set designing, and the methodologies of composing.

We believe that opera creation will help shape the next generation of empathetic, collaborative, and problem-solving humans — because that’s what happens when opera creation meets children.


But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this fascinating talk by Stephen Fry on the Science of Opera for one more compelling reason why.