Mission, Vision and Core Values

Vision (What we Dream)

Igniting creativity and connecting people everywhere through the creation of original opera.

Mission (What we Do)

Little Opera’s mission is to build a vibrant creative community — through the creation and performance of original opera — that transcends divides and transforms the lives of children, families and artists.

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Core Values (How we Work)

• Transparency: We share everything — our processes, strategies, beliefs, and outcomes. If you want to know something and can’t find it, ask!

• Flexibility: Everything is always changing. So are we.

• Collaboration: You can’t make an opera without it. Also, many brains are smarter than one.

• Research: Because good choices are grounded in good information.

• Passion: We do what we do because we see our work making a difference. And it’s really, really fun!

• Balance: We do better work when we’re happy. Which means vacations are absolutely mandatory, and we’ve been known to scold one another for answering email on the weekend.


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Dancing-Kids1.jpgGuiding Principles (Ideas we live by)

• Little Opera is a learning organization working to explode the assumption that opera is not for everyone. El Sistema explains it best:

Learning organizations never arrive but are always becoming—striving to include: more students, deeper impact, greater musical excellence, better teaching, improved tools, more joy. Thus, flexibility, experimentation, risk-taking, and collegial exchange are inherent aspects of every program.

• We recognize and use the diverse skill sets that our artists bring to Little Opera.

• We develop teaching practices grounded in our own work and experience as artists.